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We carry film and TV series from all decades but specialize in 20th Century titles that often can’t be found available for rent elsewhere

All our Blu-rays are full retail discs with bonus features and HD Lossless sound Never the stripped-down preview-packed “rental market” versions!

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“It’s like experiencing the film for the first time again” and “it’s not just the details of the eyes or such; it creates a completely different experience.” — Martin Scorsese

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At Relics Video we love movies!

We especially love “going to the movies.” Preferably at a vintage theater. Nowadays, however, that can be a rare and expensive privilege indeed.

That’s why we were so excited when the Blu-ray disc was introduced in 2006. At last high definition home theater was possible. Now people could enjoy films at home the way they were meant to be experienced!

During the years since, a large library of high definition film and television has built up. Yet accessing much of it can be frustrating because:

  • Streaming sources have yet to approach Blu-ray quality picture and sound
  • Many “rental market” Blu-ray discs have been stripped of all but the feature itself and released without the lossless soundtrack (to make room for loads of added previews)

So buying the full retail disc has often been the only option for people who value the rich home viewing experience that only Blu-ray can provide. We started Relics Video for people who want to watch a wide variety of motion pictures, yet who do not wish to purchase every title they’d like to view.

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Although we carry films and television series from all decades, we specialize in titles released before 2001. Why?

  • Many films of the 20th Century have been difficult or impossible to find for rent on either Blu-ray or DVD
  • The older titles were originally produced, edited and released on film which, in our opinion, gives a different viewing experience and valuable alternative to the all-digital movie production of today
  • Those 20th Century movies that are transferred to Blu-ray tend to be more desirable productions owing to the great expense of making the high definition transfer from film

In our 21st Century collection, we are careful not to stock the vast numbers of straight-to-video knock-off productions that have become increasingly common.

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Relics Video is for our fellow enthusiasts and lovers of film. If, like us, you are really into movies – you should give us a try. Enjoy, and thank you for your support!