Store Policies


Customer rental limit.  You may have up to six discs checked out of the store at any given time.  If you order more discs while at your limit, the additional discs will be earmarked, and mailed to you as your previously-rented discs are returned to the store. There may be a short delay if a disc you ordered has been rented by another customer in the interim.

Shipping Charge.  A shipping charge will be added to your total when you check-out.  It is $1.50 for one or two discs rented, $3.00 for three or four discs rented, $4.50 for five or six discs rented, and so on.

Condition of Disc.  All discs are cleaned and examined for defects before they are mailed to you.  As a renter, you agree to return the disc in the same condition in which you received it. Other fees may apply, up to the cost of the disc, if it is returned in worse condition than you received it or not returned at all.

Extended Viewing Fees.  Please return rented disc(s) within seven (7) days of your receipt. For example, if you receive your discs on Thursday May 2, mail them back by Thursday May 9. If not placed in the mail by the 8th day, a second weeks rental fee, in the same amount as the first week’s rental fee, may in our discretion be charged to your credit card. Subsequently, the same fee may be charged for each additional week you keep the disc. If after four weeks, you have not put the movie back in the mail, we will assume you are not going to return the disc, at which point you will be charged the current manufacturer’s suggested retail price or market value, whichever is greater.

Renter Authorization.  You authorize CinemaBlu to charge your credit card for extended viewing fees, for discs returned in worse condition, or unreturned discs.



Once you have placed and paid for your blu-ray order, you will not be able to alter or cancel the order.  Please be certain you rent discs that are playable on your equipment.

Be aware that:

A blu-ray disc requires a blu-ray player; it will not work in an ordinary dvd player. If you want to see the picture in high definition, the blu-ray player’s output must be connected to a high definition TV.

If you order a 3D blu-ray disc, in order to view it in 3D, you must have a 3D capable blu-ray player, a 3D capable high definition TV, and the appropriate 3D glasses.

If you order a blu-ray disc that is identified as “Region B Only”, you must have a region B or region-free (all region) blu-ray player in order to view it.

If you order a blu-ray disc that is identified as “Region C Only”, you must have a region C or region-free (all region) blu-ray player in order to view it.



Once an order has been received by you, if the disc is unplayable through no fault of your own, please email us with a description of the problem and return the disc to us in the prepaid return envelope.   Upon our receipt, we shall offer you the choice of receiving either another disc of equal rental price for free, or a refund of the rental plus shipping amount you paid.  If we find that the disc is playable on our equipment, we shall notify you that you may need a hardware or software update for your player.